Fabric Arrivals

Fabric for our living room and dining room is starting to arrive and I'm so very excited, like cart wheel inducing excited. I just adore fabric, seriously is the best thing since sliced bread. I thought I was pretty settled on what fabric wanted for living room, until I stopped into our local Calico Corners and began to look around. I was just in there to take in all the pretty fabrics and dream of places to use them, not to shop. Well while in there, I accidently fell in love with a Thom Filicia fabric called Griffith Citron. The print reminds me of a abstract birds flying on a bright clear and I'm in love with it.  

Only two hiccups to me actually buying the fabric. 1. I had to make sure Hasani was OK with the fabric for pillows, he's not into floral prints (accepts them in the dining room) but overall he prefers Ikat and geometric or a basic solid. 2. The price! $44.99 per yard. I'm not one of those people that can have a $100 pillow and be cool with spending that much, bottom line in my world its just a pillow, lol. But after showing him the fabric and he was cool with it. However, I was on a mission NOT to spend $44.99 for one yard. Ebay came to my rescue and I found the exact fabric I was looking for, I got close to two yards of fabric for far less than one yard plus free shipping. So here's the fabric I've been raving about, along with samples of the two other fabrics I recently ordered. 

The floral fabric is called Gazebo Cloud, I ordered 7 yards for fabric from Mary Jo's Cloth Store.  I plan on using 5.5 yards of the fabric for drapes in the dining room and the remaining I'll use for pillows in the living room. I also ordered this pretty chartreuse shade of velvet fabric for pillows from fabric.com. I still want to add in two more geometric prints in our living room, one print for a pillow and the other for drapes.

I like this Geo Maze fabric from Toni Living for pillows, its a nice smaller scale geometric print that would look nice on a sofa mixed with the above fabrics. 

For living room drapes, I can't decide between these two options. The one below is called Outdoor Secret Garden, I also like it in the lighter silver shade, which might work better. 

The other option is Courtyard Oyster, I love love this print, but I need 5.5 yards of fabric and its $29 per yard. I've been on the lookout for something similar that's a little more budget friendly. After all I already had one fabric splurge in our living room.  

I'm excited to start sewing pillows and drapes for our living room and dining room. Even with the majority of our fabrics picked out, I'm still trying to decide how many pillows of each fabric I'll sew. I got pillow problems. What fabric to you like better for our living room? Have you see the Courtyard Oyster for less elsewhere?

Edit: Please Note I brought my fabric from Etsy Seller RedFinchLane