Drawing Kitchen Ideas

Lately I've been drawing ideas for our home, including furniture layouts, bathroom cabinets ideas and more. Last night I drew a portion of kitchen / dining room area, so I could see a visual of how our view would look from the living room looking into our dining room / kitchen area. I love that since we widened the doorway between the areas, our home will feel much more open. Here's my recent drawing of how I'm picturing a portion of our dining room and kitchen from the living room. 

As I mentioned last week, I'm considering doing a gallery of family pictures for our dining room. I had a fun drawing a mixture of frame sizes for our wall. 

 I always felt that our old door that led to garage was always 'visually heavy' for our small space, so we decided to make a change to the door. Since our new door is now leading to our laundry room instead of the garage we like the idea of doing a frosted glass door with window panes that will let light into both spaces. We think the glass door like the one I drew will look so pretty in our dining / kitchen. I can't wait to have a pair of upper glass cabinets, like we've always planned, for these doors e want to go with solid glass doors. I can't wait to see the transformation of our kitchen in the next couple of months, here's a reminder of how our space currently looks. So happy to have windows in our home again!  

I plan on sharing more of the drawings I've been working on for our home very soon. 

Do you like doing sketches of your home to help you visualize a space better?