Lighting Ideas: Dining Room

Yesterday, I shared our ideas for our dining room, we are thinking about adding banquette seating along with a gallery wall read more about the plans here. Our dining room once had a simple white drum Shade from CB2 which I loved, but I'm ready for either a slight change in pendant drum style or a huge change. Now that our dining room / kitchen and living room are more open to each other, since we widen the doorway I want to make sure whatever lighting we choose in our living room (see ideas here) will also flow nicely with our dining room lighting. They don't have to match but since our space isn't large, I'm all about visual flow room to room. I like the idea or round pendants since our dining room table will be round, but also think #4 would be a good option and really stand out. I also like the sparkle of # 1 and  # 5 for our small dining room, while # 2 and # 3 are both pretty and not too plain. 

In addition to looking online for lighting ideas, Hasani and I spent sometime over the weekend looking at local lighting stores are were able to see # 3 in person, its really lovely. 

This huge schoolhouse pendant was amazing and huge!! 

Out of the above styles which to you prefer?