Our Home Rebuild: New Windows

Friday is quickly becoming one of my favorite days of the week, partly because its the kick off to the weekend and I also get to share and keep a record of our of home re-building progress. My goal is to share our weekly updates both big and small as we rebuild our home do to a fire in July 2012, read more about it


. I've learned that sharing the progress, is helping me heal and get excited about moving back into our home in a few months. This week, our house has received all new windows! I can't express how much it means to mean to see our home no longer boarded up except for one window, that was hanging on by a thread. Here's a few pictures of our new view! 

Avery's new twin windows, replaced the sliding glass doors. All the 'white paint' you see on the inside is actually smoke sealant. I can already picture him playing in his room & looking outside his windows, it makes my heart happy.  

His windows from the outside.

Our new dining room window! I love all the natural light shining though. It's so easy to picture banquette seating in front of our window, read more about my dining room plans



New kitchen window! 

We decided to put grids on all out windows, and I'm so happy with our decision. I love the extra character they add to our little rancher. Looks like our move home date has been pushed back to Mid-April beginning on May, which gives me a little more time to pick out paint colors, lol :)