Our Home: Living Room Ideas

We've been out of our house for several months now, which has left me time to plan and think about the rooms in our house and how we want them to work best for our family. We lost over 97% of our belongings to to a house fire in July 2012, you can read more about it here. It's crazy to think we've owned our house  4 years and soon we'll be moving back into our first house. I've learned life is crazy like that, you just never know what will happen. Regardless I'm thankful everyday and have learned to count my blessing daily. Our family has grown since buying our house, we added our beloved dog Mojo and had a wonderful baby boy now 19 months! Its time to re-think our living room situation. We are making changes to our house's layout, I'll share more about the changes on this week and more details as work on our home progresses. 

Before, I started putting ideas together for our living room, I looked on my Pinterest boards to what rooms really inspired me. I found myself drawn to living rooms that were open to the dining room & kitchen, lots of storage, with comfortable seating. I love the two living rooms below, the colors patterns and all the natural lighting flooding in.

I loved pops of yellow and navy in our living before, but this time around I'm changing up the color scheme. I'm envisioning grey walls, shades of blue, green and greys and lots of pattern! I've already purchased a few big and small items to fill our living room, I'm looking forward to seeing them in our space. I'm making a conscious effort to make sure we love each and everything piece in our home. Here are my ideas for our living room.

1. I plan on sewing our living room drapes and pillows. I fallen in love with several fabrics from Tonic Living, I'll be buying most of my fabrics for our home from them and also Fabric.com. My plan is to use the top two fabrics as pillows and the bottom fabric I'll sew curtains. I recently purchased the few pillow covers from West Elm (on sale) below, they are so pretty and I think they'll look amazing on in our living rooms. I also plan on sewing a few velvet pillows, I love this celery color from Fabric.com I love how well it works with the greys and blues. 

2.  I plan to do a mix of gord style table lamps and modern floor lamp. I really like the lamps I've seen at JCP, they have a great affordable selection. I love the Tripod lamp from Target, and its a great price. We are still picking out overhead lighting, so as soon as we've made our selection I will share. 

3. For our coffee table, I keep going back and forth between an ottoman and a the white. I really like the above white coffee table, inspired from my pinned inspiration picture. 

4. I'm super excited about our recent rug purchase. We bought bought a flat woven grey rug from RugsUSA its the perfect shade of grey for our living room. I wanted the rug to fill up our living room space, so we bought the biggest size they carry 7'6" x 9'6" I can't wait to see the rug in our living room, we decided if we don't like how it looks in our living room we'll place it in our bedroom. 

For seating we went back and forth over sofa verses sectional. We liked the idea of a sectional because there would be plenty of seating, but after thinking about the size of our living room we knew it would take up way to much space. We've decided two sofas will give us plenty of seating and look nice in our small living room. After looking at a ton of options, we narrowed it down to two sofas, I'll share the two sofas we both like in an upcoming post. 

As I mentioned above we are making some changes to the layout of our home and I'll share those changes on the blog this week and how they affect our living room. Happy Changes :) 

What do you think of our living room plans so far? Are you changing up any rooms in your home?