New Day, New Year

The words to Nina Simone's song Feeling Good, its a new day and new dawn and I'm feeling good, ring so true to me. After losing almost all over our belongs in a house fire in July, I'm finally feeling really good about whats to come this year and I'm truly excited. In a few months we'll be back in our home, I'll share house updates later this week. For me new year is an excellent time to reflect on life and making better choices to lead a happier healthier life. I'm trying not to make resolutions for myself instead, I'm referring them to as my goals for 2013.

Personal Goals 

Walk over 3 miles every single day. I've started doing this in Nov and love the results already. 
Drinks lots and lots of water, continue to skip the soda 
Wear night cream every night after I wash my face
Teat myself to a DIY Manicure and Pedicure 2x a month
Eat Greek yogurt daily
Let go of self doubt 
Follow my heart, and just go for it! 
Host a dinner party to celebrate my friendships
 Continue eating more veggies & protein daily
Attend a live music concert
Recommit to blogging!! 
Invest in myself: take a photography class 
Go on at least two romantic getaways with my husband!
Throw a Housewarming / Homecoming Party for our House!
Create a ultimate workout play list 
Give My Blog a Fresh Look 
Make a two quilts 
Get to know other DIY Bloggers in my area, maybe do meetups?
Take better pictures 
Go on a Two family trips this year

Home Goals 

Enjoy the process on seeing our home rebuilt
Fall in love with our first house all over again
Fill Our home with things we only absolutely LOVE 
Take Risks and have fun
Build a new tree house for Avery
Plant a garden & build large raised garden beds
Install brick or paver patio in our backyard
DIY Paintings for our house: Living Room & Bedroom?
Create a fun kid / aduly friendly backyard that we love to hang out in 
Have an organized Garage
No Clutter!

Today marks my first blog post of 2013, and i'll be back to blogging 4-5 days a week, feeling good :) Are you writing a list of personal goals and home goals you want to do for 2013? What's on the top of your list?