Consignment Finds

Recently Hasani and I checked out a local consignment store just to see what they had. We've haven't had much lucking finding must have furniture prices for our home. I've been on the look out for a vintage night stand for both boys bedrooms. Anyways, I'm so glad we stopped in there they had a great selection of like new sofas, chairs and vintage pieces with amazing lines that just need a new upholstery job. The problem I have when I'm out shopping is A. I forget to snap pictures of great finds B. My cell phone battery is low. I'm happy to report, I bought home three amazing finds. 

Last year, I went with my gut and got fun bright yellow lamps I loved from Target to this day I love those lamps! This time around, I've deiced to go in a new color scheme direction for our living room which I shared here. These days I'm really drawn to the colors blues, aquas, grays and chartreuse, so in terms of lamps I was up for whatever caught my heart and Hasani liked too. Well I'm happy to say a pair of lamps have stolen my heart, plain and simple they are fantastic. I spotted these lamps from across the room and was smitten! I love a good double gourd lamp, and they were heavy and a pretty shade of aqua. In the pics below they look brighter than they actually are in real life. In real life the color is a softer shade. When Hasani first saw them he was on the fence. So much on the fence that we didn't buy them until the next day, deep sigh. I was so worried someone else bought them, lucky for me they were still there. 

The lamps came with shades that were also in perfect condition. In fact when I was talking with the sales lady, I mentioned they reminded me of Robert Abbey lamps. She said the lamps were brand new from a model home and pretty pricey. We got the lamps for a steal only $59.00 each and the price included the shades. Same price I paid for my beloved yellow lamps & shades last year.

The lamps go so well with the fabric I plan on using for our living room. The pretty aqua lamps pick up the aqua shades in the floral fabric perfectly, its like I planned it.  

Here's the Robert Abbey Double Gourd lamp in Peacock Blue via Lamps Plus. At Lamps Plus they retail between $ 190 - $ 250.00 per lamp depending on the size. I'm 95% certain the lamps we picked up at the Consignment Store are Robert Abbey lamps. For sure they look like lamp twins. 

I mentioned several months ago, that I want to find a set of bookcases for Avery's soon to be big boy bedroom. Instead of re-creating a nursery when we move back home, we've decided to go ahead with a bog boy room since Avery will be close to 2 years old when the house is finished. While browsing in the Consignment store, I across a great solid bookcase for Avery's room. It's in a amazing shape and solid wood and super heavy, with two top shelves and a bottom cabinet. Here's the bookcase, I bought for a good deal $99.00 for solid wood in almost perfect condition. Sorry for the crazy sun glare, when I snapped this picture. When I first saw the bookcase and decided to buy it, I thought I would paint it white. Now I'm liking the dark wood color and think it will nice in his bedroom, but you never know I might paint it after all. 

I plopped a two of Avery's toys on the shelves and already like how it looked. They shelves are nice and sturdy & deep. The bookcase still needs a good cleaning, but I'll get around to that soon. I'm already picturing his new bookcase filled with books, toys. I like the idea of using the bottom cabinets to keep puzzles and toys as he gets older. 

Those are my latest finds for our home, little by little we are getting things we absolutely love to fill our home with. What do you think our recent finds? Have you ever shopped at a consignment store before?