Our Home: Makings of a Garage

Every Friday, I plan on sharing a quick updates of our our home rebuilding process is going. I enjoying seeing progress at our home, which reminds me every week & day we are one step closer to moving back home. A few weeks ago our badly fire damaged garage was completed torn down read more here.  Then new framing process on the garage began, we decided to push the garage forward five feet to allow for our indoor laundry room as part of one of the floor plan changes we made. Another change we made to the garage was raising the roof line, to match the rest of the house and be up to code height wise for the laundry room.  on Here's a quick picture of a garage shaping up, we have walls people! 

There's also been progress on our Master Bathroom and closet addition! Read more about our floor plan changes here

The weather is a little dreary right now due to rain, so its slowly going. I'm hoping next week, they'll be lots of sunny skies and more house progress. Over the weekend, I'll be working on some drawings to share better details of our floor plan changes. Hope you all have a good weekend!