Something New

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I've been slowly updating our living room with a few new additions { pillows, a rug, new pictures, lamps and vintage secretary desk } I love all the changes I made so far, and am super happy with the newest addition. I went shopping with my boys on Saturday. Our first stop of the day was JC Penney's, because I saw a few dresses online and I wanted to check them out in person. Well, I'm so glad we went in there! I tried the dresses on, I'm still 50/50 on the dress { I'm still a bit self conscious after having my baby nine months ago } so maybe in a few weeks I'll buy one. I'm planning on doing daily walks around my 'hood in the evening, in addition to the 14 blocks I walk daily to and from work. OK, back to my Something New. Have you been in JCP lately?  The store looks fresher, selections cuter, the prices better the cloths priced more along the lines of Targets or even less. Which for this budget conscious girl is a good thing!  After trying on dresses, my boys and I headed up stairs to look at tween clothing and baby clothes. When I got off the elevator I spotted the prettiest mirror.

The mirror had a perfect wide frame with a Navy Ikat Chevron print! I've personally never seen anything like it and I loved it! I literary fell head over heals in love!

I didn't want the mirror to be an impulse buy. Two reasons, I didn't take the mirror home with my that day I need to make sure the spot I had in mind would look good & make sure Hasani didn't hate it. Our rule is, we don't have to always love what each others loves, but we we can't hate it. So I snapped a pic, and then headed over to the baby section and brought Avery adorable pjs on clearance. The next day Hasani and I { along with the kiddos } headed back to JC Penney's and I got the mirror! 

I decided the perfect spot for the mirror would be above our Secretary desk. Even though, we recently hung Tabari's artwork in the same spot I knew our living room needed a mirror. I love that mirrors help bounce light around rooms, and knew placing one almost across from our front door would be perfect. Since we have frosted glass panel insert in our door, it will 'catch' the light and bounce it around. Before I shore our new mirror, here's a reminder of how this spot looked. 

The same spot, now with the artwork moved and our new Ikat Chevron Mirror. I just love how well the Ikat Chevron  mirror plays off our Ikat pillows, swoon. 

Loving this reflection, ahh. 

In this picture you can see where the subtle Ikat print is in the chevron. Please excuse my dusty vases and candle :) And please don't hold it against me. 

I still love our yellow tray, one of my favorite makeovers to date. 

While I was taking pictures of our new mirror, I did a 2 minute cleanup of our living room and snapped some updated pictures of how everything looks right now. Can you tell I only cleaned up for 2 minutes? Yep, if you look closely, you'll see toys under the chairs and coffee table, lol. Keeping it real, I said oh well. I was able to get a prettier pictures of my lovely yellow lamps! Boy do they make me happy :) 

Here's a good full room view shot, if your standing in the kitchen door way this is how our living room looks. Whenever I stand there, I picture our built-in bookcases that we'll be working on very soon. In this picture our rug looks much smaller that it does in person, must be the angle I choose.

This is the view from our front door. Do you see the 'ghost' in the hallway? That's Hasani playing with the baby while I snapped pictures :) 

Well Avery is getting restless and whats to play outdoors, I'll take more pictures soon. 

What do you think of our Navy Ikat Chevron mirror, do you love it!?! Who knew JC Penney's had such cute stuff :)  Oh I almost forgot to mention, this is my 1st piece of chevron in my house! 

Do you have chevron in your house? Or are you over it? I think I re-fell in love with, after seeing this mirror.