DIY Tools

Whenever we tackle a DIY project around our house both big { Painting our Entire House, Laying Sod, Refinishing our Hardwood Floors } and small { Painting a Mirror, Re-doing a Bench }  I try and make sure we already have the tools we need to start the project, or what tools we need to buy. Nothing is worse then being in a midst of a project and realizing you have to make a trip to the local Home Improvement store, because popping into those stores its never a in out and thing. Soon we will starting to work on our built-in bookcase for our living room { read more about that here } and I wanted to make sure when have the majority of tools needed and what we need to buy. This made me think about DIY tools that are a must, when your a Beginner DIYer, Intermediate DIYer and Going Pro DIYer 

Beginner DIYer Tools

The basics will help you make over that thrift store dresser in no time 

Beginner Tools:

Philips and Flat Head Screwdriver, Good Paint Brush { I prefer Purdy Paintbrushes } Painters Tape, Large & Mini Paint Roller { keep extra rollers on hand } extra , Hammer, Metal Tape Measure { at least 20ft } 3Ft Level, Caulk & Wood Filler, KILZ Primer & Stain-blocker, Sand Blocks, and TSP. Its's always good to have extra screws, nails, and sanding blocks on hand. 

Intermediate DIYer Tools
This is where your start adding a little power to your tool box to get the job done a little faster 

Intermediate Tools:

Jig Saw, Power Drill, Skill Saw, Miter Saw, Power Sander { keep various grit and papers on hand the lower the girt Number the more it sands, the higher number sanding paper is for finishing } Wet Dry Vacuum, Metal ladder and Saw Horses and Kreg Jig Master 

Going Pro DIYer Tools 

This tools are great when you start tackling larger projects. I'm skipping over the big pricey power tools { Floor Sanders, Paint Sprayer because you can always rent those }

Going Pro Tools:

Air Compressor with attachments, Table Saw, Router and Grinder 

Since we bought our home three years ago, we've bought all the Basics tools and used then all many times. The basic tools you will use over and over again. We have most of the Intermediate tools, we buy what we need, when we need it. 

Our next tool purchase will be a small air compressor with attachments, oh how I want a brad nailer! lol 

What tools are you wanting to add to your tool box?