What the What?!?

Your not going to believe this post, but trust me the following is all true and I have the proof. I'm regular stalker of West Elm, I go on their site like it's magazine. Please tell me I'm not the only one? Any who, I was making my daily lookie lou on their website and decided to check out the bath stuff. I've been meaning to update our bathroom for quite sometime, and even painted it earlier this year. Well I hate our bathroom paint color, I blame it on prego hormones in choosing the wrong paint color, I decided to look on for paint color / bathroom inspiration & ideas. I clicked on the 'Lighting & Hardware' and saw that the Textured Bathroom hardware was on sale. It was on sale for a crazy AMAZING good deal, all of it for only $ 1.99 per piece, towel bars, paper towel holder, towel ring all for $ 1.99 each!! ON SALE! 

I didn't believe my eyes, there's no way it was that cheap! I happily placed everything in my cart. I bought 2 towel bars { one 18' one 24" } the paper towel holder, and towel ring, my total before tax and shipping was only $ 7.96. I know your sipping your coffee or tea in utter disbelief, right? Well here's the screen print proving it was only $ 1.99 for each item. The crazy thing is these sale items weren't in the 'sale' section of the website, they were mixed in with the regular items? Odd huh? Well, went I went on the next day to see if they were still on sale { so I could blog  & tweet about them } but they were back to full price. It must have been some typo, but West Elm honored the price and shipped everything to my door a week later. Here's a screen print of the of the sale.

Now a closer up view, so you can see the price. 

Even Hasani was in disbelief, until he saw the packing slip. I think he thought I went on a little West Elm bathroom spending spree lol. Ok, I know I sound silly, but I actually screamed with excitement when my package arrived. I opened each box and smiled with GLEE, and joy and thankfulness! Aren't these gorgeous and not oh so typical bathroom hardware! I love how they add some glam with their shiny finish, they also reminds me our my jewelry tree and branch candle holder. I'm super in love with this hardware, too bad I didn't see the towel hook on the website, would have loved to buy that on sale { I know you just rolled your eyes, I'm rolling mine too } I'll have to make a strop in the store this weekend.

I love that the toilet paper rolls just slip on for a clean look

See, they cute little bags attached to all the hardware, the bags hold the screws and anchors! I love that they thought about the smallest details in the packaging.

In all honestly, its the push I need to make bathroom less blah and actually pretty. So here's my deep heartfelt apologies to all friends and family that's had to use my bathroom for the past 6+ mos! I'm sorry! I promise to make our bathroom, practical and pretty and chic! 

Now for the fun part, lets do the math. If I would have bought the Textured Bathroom Hardware at full price I would have paid $ 109.00, but I only paid $ 7.96 + Shipping + Tax, my total was only $ 13.96!!

What do you think of our new bathroom hardware?

Have you come across any crazy good deals lately that made you scream in delight? Photobucket