Growing Pretty Blooms Indoors

Yes, this is yet another bulb post, are you sick of them yet? I hope not. When I planted my bulb garden a few days I ago, I saved a few bulbs with the intention of growing a some pretty flowers indoors. I have some round vases I bought for our wedding reception and decided to use one to plant my bulbs. I also bought a bag of decorative rocks from the dollar store, yes I bought rocks! I know sounds silly, but far less of a hassle, of finding rocks around my house and then cleaning them etc. I checked out a few websites to make sure I was forcing bulbs to grow correctly { Martha Stewart and This old House }

From everything I read its best to use a glass vase to check water levels easier and change water if needed. Add the rocks to your vase and add water then the bulbs, the bulbs should not be touching the water. To actually get the bulbs to grow, the vase needs to be placed in a cool dark area, to trick them into thinking winter has come. You can either put them in a cabinet, place a paper bag over them,, put them in the garage or attic. I choose to place our bulb vase in the garage. Its dark, cold and the perfect spot to mimic winter. The bulbs should stay in the dark spot for 8 + weeks. So with any luck I'll have pretty blooms for winter, maybe around Mid January. When there's  an inch or two of greenery, I'll bring the bulb vase back inside my house and place it in a sunny spot.

I'm hoping the few bulbs I 'planted' in the rocks will be super pretty, and look as pretty as the flowers I've been admiring.

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Oh, I forgot to mention I have no clue what bulbs I saved to plant indoors, from our bulb garden. So I'm extra anxious to see if the flowers will grow, and what flower is going to grow! 

These bulbs in vases would also make great presents for friends and flower and be a pretty homemade gift, instead of buying the store bought version for ten bucks a pop. You could easily buy a bag of bulbs for around $ 10 bucks, some glass vases or the Ikea white pots and dollar store rocks and have pretty gifts for friends. Even place them in a box and wrap them up pretty and say 'No peeking, until after Christmas

I might be gifting some friends some pretty bulbs for Christmas this year :) The gift the keeps on growing a blooming, lol. 

Have you planted bulbs indoors before? Any tips?