Quick Kitchen Update

A while back I painted the inside of our cabinets and added a new shelf to make more room for our everyday dishes. The inside of the cabinet went from plane jane { click here } to a white with the back of the cabinets a subtle grey. These cabinets are very tall, so putting away the dishes is hard and reaching the bowls is a in the but :)

I thought about adding an extra shelf, but there were no pre-drilled holes and we didn't want to risk drilling holes though the cabinet. So while I my sister and were at Ikea, came across their cabinet inserts. Which were the perfect solution for our cabinets.

I decided to buy two and placed at the bottom of the cabinet, and then rearanged our dinnerware. The cabinets feel so much more organized and its easeir to get to our dishes the most.

If you look close you'll notice one door is missing, when I took these pictures we were in mid process of removing the doors. Mr. CLH's co-worker cut the inside panel out of the doors so we can replace the middle section with glass. I love how open the kitchen feels with the doors off and know when the doors are back on with glass its to help our little kitchen look larger and look more modern.

As soon as the nursery is completed in a few days, I'm going to start working on our kitchen  re-do. So looking forward to working on updating our kitchen. Pictures of progress coming soon.