Project Nursery: Vintage Ottoman Upholstery Finished!

Remember the vintage ottoman I bought for $10 bucks from a thrift store for the nursery, well its finished. So glad to finish this challenging { to me } upholstery project. Here's a reminder of how the ottoman looked when I brought it home. Size wise the ottoman is a perfect fit for the chair, but the fabric was very dated. Even thought the fabric is NMS { not my style } I like the piping detail on the cushion and on the bottom of the ottoman. I also liked the feet on the ottoman had a great shape but were a little banged up and the color matched our hardwood floors a little to much.

Feel free to scroll ahead for the reveal, below is my how to. Click here for the 'How To' on removing the dated fabric and and sewing the bottom portion on the ottoman. This is how the ottoman looked the last time you saw it.

I removed the fabric from the cushion the same way I removed the bottom fabric on the ottoman. I used the old fabric as my template for cutting out my new fabric. I wanted some contrast with the print, so I made my own piping using cording I bought at Joann's and dark grey fabric. The I placed the piping in the middle of the side piece and top portion of the fabric. After sewing the top piece of the ottoman, I placed it on top of the cushion to check for sizing making sure I was sewing a good fit. Take your time sewing the corners when adding piping, to get a nice round look. Do you see the blue painters tape peaking out?Well the old inside cushion corners were started to weaken without the old fabric, so I placed the tape on them to keep them in place. Yeah, Macgyver theme totally played in my mind while did this. Feel free to rock out while you read this post :)

Next I sewed on the grey piping to the bottom sides of my box cushion, I found it was easy to sew on the piping before sewing on the bottom piece. Make sure you use lots and lots of pins while sewing a cushion with piping, it really helps keep everything in its place. I loved how the piping turned out.

I turned the cushion inside out and then sewed the bottom piece to the top of the box. Basically its like sewing  a box pillow. I left a large opening to I could easily place the cushion inside the cover. I pinned the cushion closed and sewed it closed, hiding the stitches in the seams of the piping. 

After the cushion was completed, I finished working on the bottom portion of the ottoman. I decided to spray paint the feet on the ottoman, oil rubbed bronze. The feet on the ottoman wouldn't screw off, so I covered the ottoman with newspaper and took the ottoman outside to spray paint the feet. I love how the feet turned out and they match nicely with the dark feet on the chair.

Next I put the fabric back on the bottom of the ottoman and then stapled the fabric to the bottom of the base. I started stapling in the center pulling the fabric tight. Next I stapled the piping on the bottom of the ottoman. At each corner I trimmed the pipping then used fabric glue to secure the edges.

To attach the cushion the the base of the ottoman, I used fabric glue. After the fabric glue dried, I sewed the cushion to the base fabric. I really love how this re-upholstery project turned out! I love how the grey piping really makes the ottoman look finished. The vintage ottoman looks so good in the nursery and in front of the chair. I also like how good this pattern looks with the other patterns in the room, they all go together.

The nursery is almost done, I only have a few more things to do before its completed. It feels so good to be at the finish line a full 2 months after our little guy arrived! :) Remember he did arrive 2 weeks early :)

What do you think of the vintage ottoman redo?

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