One Color or Two?

Now that our little guy's nursery is done { except for finding the *perfect* rug } we are wanting to starting on mini projects in our kitchen. A few weeks ago, we had the middle section of our cabinet doors removed to replace with glass inserts in the doors { will sahre soon }  we also plan on painting the cabinets & making our kitchen more functional. When I think of functional I'm thinking more cabinets, open shelving, better use of interior cabinet space etc. But, lets talk the fun stuff today :)

I've been looking at amazing kitchen for quite awhile and have been going back and forth between all white kitchens & kitchens with white upper cabinets / open shelving with a different bottom color cabinet. Here are a few of my favorite all white small kitchens { while I adore the big ones, the small ones really help keep our kitchen in prospective } You can see how our kitchen looks here.

Why I love these all white kitchens: Open Shelves for cookbooks & dishes. Clean look of all white cabinets makes the kitchen look classic. I also love the under cabinet CD player, which is a MUST for our tiny kitchen!

{ via Southern Living }

{ via here }

{ via here }

Why I love white upper kitchens and dark bottom cabinets: Love the combination the of classic white with black or grey bottoms, so fresh!! Love the open shelves below the cabinets in kitchen # 2

{ via here }

{ via here }

So that's what's been on my mind lately. I know when we first start painting the cabinets it will add so much light to our kitchen and make the room feel larger. We plan on painting the uppers first, and painting the lower ones after we replace our fugly counters. Then I think instead of painting our lower cabinets we could leave then the dark stained brown they currently are, but then it might be hard to color match the stain when we add new cabinets. Simple decisions such as painting, really mean so much to me and are time consuming! lol :)

What do you prefer in kitchens one color or two? Have you painted your kitchen cabinets, if so what color did you go with?