I recently a did a little update to our living room, I sewed some new pillows, and added a new color scheme { navy's, greens & yellow } I'm loving the new colors and think its time to reconsider our curtains. Right now we have the Ikea White Vivain curtains hanging, which I've loved. But with our greige walls and white curtains, things can look a ho hum some days. Plus I love how dark brighter curtains look in rooms that gets a lot of natural light, just like Avery's nursery. I bookmarked a few ideas, and like the look of the solid curtains against light walls. 

Another idea I've been thinking about is patterned curtains, which would look good and add more color in our living room. I like that patterns add another layer of interest and almost feels like artwork on your windows.

Love this in progress picture from House Beautiful { here }

{ via here }

If we end up going with a solid color, I'm thinking navy linen will look nice. I like the look of linen, its pretty and light filtering. As soon as we decide I'll be ordering some fabric and making curtains. Here's a quick reminder of how our living room currently looks.

See, were in need of more color STAT.

What do you prefer white curtains, solid darker brighter curtains or patterned curtains? And Why?