Project Nursery: Nursery Artwork

I think artwork really helps a room come together and feel more complete. For the nursery I wanted the artwork to be modern with a but of whimsy. After searching high and low for artwork, I couldn't find exactly what I wanted so I decided to DIY artwork for the nursery. Here's a reminder of how the nursery looked like before adding artwork.

Here's the nursery so far, I think the artwork made a huge impact on the room. Above the crib we decided three prints would give a nice balance in the room. The first print is a mom giraffe and baby giraffe silhouette, next ABC print and lastly bunting flag artwork.

On sliding glass door wall, I framed a stencil 'A' for Avery and Ribbon Dot art.

Here's how I created the artwork for our little guy's nursery - we affectionately call Avery the 'little guy'  For the Momma & Baby Giraffe artwork, I Googled Mom and baby giraffe. When I found the silhouette I like I printed the picture and then enlarged it by 115%. Next I cut out the mom and baby giraffe then traced the cut out on to card stock paper I found at Micheal's. I bought to large textured Art Paper for the background on all the artwork at Micheal's. After tracing the artwork on the card stock I cut out the giraffes again and place then on the white background. I really love the simplicity of the giraffe silhouette.

I created the ABC art print and letter 'A' art print using Microsoft Publisher. The ABC artwork was simple to create and decided on the layout and used a color scheme that went well with Avery's room.

The letter 'A' was easy to create, I used a Stencil font and made the letter white and placed a orange circle around it. I framed those four pieces of art using Ikea Ribba frames. The Ribba frames have got to be my favorite frames EVER, so cleaned lined and simple. I think those frames help give a more modern look to the nursery.

For the bunting flag artwork, I used the printed out the PDF template from Aubrey & Lindsey's Blog. I printed out the PDF flags along with cutting out flags in various shades of paper that related to colors already in the nursery. Then I placed the flags on the paper in a banner style. I really love how the mini flag artwork turned out!

I made the Ribbon Dot Artwork using the ribbon dot garland I made for my baby shower decoration. I loved how the garland turned out and thought it would be cute to reuse it in the nursery. I bought three frames from Micheal's for 3 bucks each thanks to a coupon for 20% Off. The frames were perfect, but the wrong color. I love the a few coats for spray paint is the perfect solution.

I placed the garland on white textured paper and framed. I like how the shades dark blue dots pop next to the lighter dots and the subtle shine of the ribbon.

Here's a picture I took a few days ago of our sleeping cutie, he loves being wrapped like a burrito and sleeps so well in his cradle!

I had so much fun creating simple modern nursery artwork for our sons room! We have a only a few more projects to complete for the nursery!

Have you created any DIY artwork for your home?

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