Maybe Tomorrow?

Last week I shared the fabric I planned on using for new living room, but I couldn't find my camera cord and to share how the fabric looked on our sofa. Here's how the fabric looks on our sofa. I'm in love with the dark Indigo color.

So yesterday I got up and around early with the baby and tween ( BTW: loving the age gap so far in our boys ) and went to Joann's I decided to up my sewing game and use invisible zippers for my pillow covers. This will be a first for me, I usually skip projects that require zippers.

I got home and cut out the fabric for the pillows and realized I'm short fabric. There's only enough for the design to be on the front of the pillow. I guess I bought the fabric so long ago I forget how much I ordered! So now we'll be making another trip to Joann's looking for Indigo fabric so I can finish this project. In the meantime, I looked though my fabric stash and can across this fabric fabric I used a while back recovering a vintage chair I refinished. I've decided to make a pillow from this fabric too - just need to pick up a zipper. I think this fabric may be fun on the sofa. We shall see.

Has this happened to you, started a project only to stop because you don't have all the needed supplies? So like the title of the post, maybe tomorrow?