His & Hers

You may remember last year I organized my top dresser drawer using some clear acrylic storage compartments I found at Target. Here's a reminder of how my top dresser drawer looks. A year later everything is still organized, love that.

Lately Mr. CLH has been having some serious drawer envy. He too wanted his top drawer to stay organized. So over the weekend his drawer got a little mini update for next to nothing. Instead of using three clear acrylic storage compartments, he opted to use one. I lined his dresser drawer using two sheets of scrap book paper bought at Joann's for 30 cents each on sale.

A little bin found in Target's dollar section to hold his handkerchief from our wedding, Flip and keys.

The other side of his dresser drawer is the perfect spot for his sunglasses and wallet.

Now we both have organized and stylish dresser drawers, and the best part his drawers upgrade was under six bucks. Mr. CLH likes his drawer upgrade and no longer has drawer envy :)

How do you organize your drawers?