Sewing Zippers, Not Hard

Remember last week when I planned to sew two new pillows for our living room, only to realize I didn't have enough fabric. That super sucked. Lucky for me Joann's carries a dark navy fabric that worked well with the fabric I originally bought. I'm addition to making pillow covers, I decided to try using a an invisible zipper. Usually when I sew pillow covers I do an envelope style closure, because the zipper scares me. I love how the pillows turned out! The deep the print and dark indigo looks good on our sofa. Love it!

Not only to the pillows look good, I was able to sew-in the invisible zippers. Can I get high five! Oh yeah, I'm still doing my happy dance.

I conquered the zippers (kind of) Let me explain. I have a standard zipper foot, but invisible zippers turn out best when you use an invisible zipper foot. Well my Joann's sells invisible zippers, but no invisible zipper foots. Which makes no sense to me at all. I used this Zipper How To and improvised on installing the zipper doing and inside stitch and outside stitch. The zippers were actually pretty easy to install, just made sure I pinned a lot and they came out NICE!

For the pillow insert, I used Ikea's 20x20 feather and down pillow. I love this pillow inserts, so affordable yet well made. Next I'll be on the lookout for an invisible zipper foot for the next set of pillows I'm sewing for the living room. Just waiting on the fabric to arrive! So like the blog title states, sewing zippers, not hard and I'm pretty sire they'll be even easier with a invisible zipper foot.

Now that I've conquered my zipper fear.  What's your fear about sewing?