Project Nursery: Bye Bye Boob Light

It's been a few weeks since sharing updates in our Nursery. So far we've painted the walls a soft grey, beefed up the baseboards with extra molding and refinished the hardwood floors in the nursery. Next up on our to-do list was changing out the boob light fixture!! It's the last boob light fixture in our house, good riddance!


I love pretty lights and wanted something unqie and not to babyish, and of course like our other light fixtures that we replaced, I was drawn to drum lights. Big surprise, no.  After all we have a pendant drum light in the dining room, a modern wood style drum pendant in Tabari's room and a mix of drum shade / chandelier in our bedroom. But back to the lighting hunt for the nursery.

Lighting Requirements:

Needs to be close the ceiling
Pretty Turned On & Off 
Gender Neutral 
Unique ( to me )
Fits scale of room ( no dinky light for me )

I always come across pretty lighting on! I swear I only buy from them if they email me a coupon or if I find one online! I know silly, but hey thrifty is a good thing :)
So I fell in LOVE with this light fixture and knew it would be perfect in the nursery, and Mr. CLH agreed. Here's the light fixture, I found. 

It fit all the requirements and had good reviews! But, my loving husband said it was a PITA to install because of the way the 'hinges' attach to the drum shade. We planned on installing medallion along with the fixture, but it was being a pesky little brat, so its going back to Home Depot, I'll use that refund for flowers in our garden bed, lol. Regardless of how annoying it was to install, I adore this light fixture and love how the crystal adds a little bing to the nursery without coming across as too 'girl'. Here's the light fixture in my baby boy's nursery, yup we still need to paint around it, so just ignore that for now :)


I only paid $ 100.80 for the light fixture after my using my 10% off coupon. Oh I should mention sells the exact same light fixture for $ 264.99! I paid less than half their price, crazy huh. Oh that's why I love the internet! 

Now I just love walking into the room and flipping on the light, we need to install a dimmer switch STAT, this beauty holds three (count them three) 60w light bulbs. I chose to use the GE Reveal light bulbs which is a truer appearance of color in the room.

What do you think of the nursery lighting?  

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