From the Dollar Bin

Last night my mom and I were doing a little shopping at Michaels and stopped to check out their latest offerings in the Dollar Bin Aisle. It's a great aisle filled with lots of cute little stuff from pencil, to candle holders, coasted and dish towels etc. I was super happy when I came across the BEST, in my opinion find EVER in the Dollar Bin section.  What did I find you ask? 

Well, I found a cute Cream & Sugar set for only a buck each! They are so cutest things, so looking forward to using them :) The little open milk carton for the cream is so cute! A perfect pair.

After I paid for my items, I kept thinking this so reminds me of Crate & Barrel. You know how some items scream certain stores, well this cute set kept screaming Crate & Barrel. So I got home looked online and sure enough Crate & Barrel sells almost the exact same set for $ 16.95!! But, I only paid two bucks for my set WooHoo!!! { yep this deserves 3 exclamation points }

So if your in the market for a cute Cream & Sugar set, get in your car and head to Michaels Dollar aisle, you just never know what you might find!