Project Nursery: Paint Makes the Difference

We finished painting the room, and I already love the transformation  even without any furniture present! After looking the the two color options Martha Stewart Opal or Behr's Silver Drop paint colors we decided to go with Behr color. We had the color matched to Olympic Paints Low VOC paint line. We couldn't be happier with our color choice. After the painting was complete, I realized every bedroom in our Rancher is painted a shade of grey! I guess my love of grey has spread to all of our bedrooms. Here's a quick reminder or how the nursery looked a few short days ago. I addition to painting the the walls Mr. CLH also paint the ceiling a crisp white, also using Olympic Paint Low VOC ceiling paint. 

Nusery Before:

I took the picutres of the nusery in the afternoon on a non sunny day, so hopfully you can still see the color ok.I love how the color Sliver Drop looks in the nusery. It's such a pretty shade of grey, not overly dark or deary. It's a sublte color.  We also made the existing baseboards in the room taller, just like we did on our living room. Here's our how to { Making Baseboards Taller } By adding height to the baseboards it really creates an elegant look. Next up we need to paint the baseboards a glossy white and freshen up the trim too.

Nusery Now

 Here's a peak at our color scheme for the nursery, were mixing a color called Sultana { by Martha Stewart } with pale blues, light greys & dark greys and white. I'm really excited about added Sultant to the room, I love the color! It's such a fun punchy shade of yellow / green.

This is our mini Construction / Improvement Breakdown:

Replace closet doors { This weekend }
Paint Ceiling & Walls
Replace light fixture { Install amazing Light Fixutre we already bought this weekend }
Beef up our baseboards { like we did in our Dining Room }
Improve closet storage
Crown Molding - on the maybe list

What do you think of the grey shade we paint the nusery and our color schemce?

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