Gifts from UPS

Is it just me, or it is really cool when the big brown truck pulls up to your home and drops of goodies. I've been waiting for these goodies for 7 days. Not n eternity by any means, but when your belly is growing { Now 7 mos :) } and the packages contains projects your working for the baby, every day counts! Here's the loot I bought. White minky fabric and that is so soft, fun chevron fabric, striped fabric and brown dot fabric. I also ordered fabric for pillows I want to make in the living room, but I was sent the wrong fabric! Not to worry the Customer Service at was super helpful, the fabric I actually ordered should arrive in a few days. 

Now here's my complete fabric stash for the baby and my plans. I plan to make a blanket using the Minky fabric and Chevron print. . All the remaining fabric will be used for DIY burp cloths, but I also plan on using the Stripped fabric for another fun project for the nursery. Both the Chevron & Striped fabric contain a few colors that are in the baby's bedding. Last night I already started sewing the blanket and will have it finished in no time. 

I have to get all my nursery sewing projects completed this weekend, because next weekend we have a whole house project  we are tackling.  I will literary have no place to sew, I'm hoping to also make some more progress on out bathroom this weekend. I'm so excited about next weekend, its something we wanted to do since buying our little rancher, and will maker a huge improvement to our home. I'll be sharing our prep work we are doing next week to prepare for next weekend.  

What do you think of the Chevron fabric, isn't darling? 

Any ideas on what next weekends project involves?