Oh Baby: Etsy Artwork in Nurseries

I have a confession to make, I spend way to many hours of my day looking at nursery artwork on Etsy! I'm not kidding, I'm always on there. I've been looking for modern nursery artwork for our baby's nursery for months and even though we have Ikea Ribba Frames ready to be filled with Art, I still haven't bought anything. Let me explain, I plan to DIY some artwork and buy artwork, but the selection on Esty is amazing & at really good prices. Nurseries 

Here are some artwork I'm digging for our babies nursery - feel free to chime in which ones your like! Personally I love ABC prints in nursery, kids room you name it. This one from Sugerfresh, is a cute modern take on the ABC's

{ via Sugarfresh }

I'm really fond of almost every print from LeoLittleLion. Talk about darling and so perfect, I love how whimsical their artwork is and Original :) This print is called 'Lion King'

{ via LeoLittleLion }

Name initials done in a super cute way, Weedoodle transforms letters into kid friendly artwork. I think this print works in so many areas of the home & not juts baby rooms. I could so see this print in a Gallery wall in a home, or maybe my older sons bedroom.

{ via Weedoodle

The Etsy store MissPrintDesigns has cute nursery prints for nurseries among other pretty paper products.  This one caught my eye. I how how its personalized to the baby.

After I made Stuffed Fabric Giraffes for the nursery, I revived a comment telling me to checkout the Esty seller Giraffes and Stuff. I was instantly smitten, with this modern giraffe print. 

So this is one of my to do projects for the nursery...find the perfect modern artwork. Are there any Etsy baby artwork sellers I need to checkout?