Project Nursery: Bare Bones

Finally the day has arrived where I get to share our third bedroom which up until recently we called the junk room! The room now has the pretty name the baby's nursery. Oh how I love referring to the room as the nursery. We haven't really touched this room since moving in, we slapped some paint on the walls { Cream in My Coffee by Behr } and called it a day. Here's what were working with its a standard small bedroom from the 1950's but this room has sliding glass door that leads to the back yard, not to worry we have an alarm system and a yappy dog! In the future we plan on replacing the sliding glass doors with french doors. One thing I love that this little room gets twice the sunlight our bedroom gets, which is directly across the hallway.

As you can see the room is a current blank slate. We went though all of our junk and donated a lot of items to the goodwill which always feels good. I took these pictures on a wet Sunday afternoon. This is how the room looks when you enter, we only have two full walls to work with.

The other wall is mostly taken up by the 5 ft slider, fortunately there's still about 2ft of wall space on either side of the sliding glass door.Here's the wall with the sliding glass doors, please excuse my tall grass/weeds in the back yard! lol Just keeping it real, but on the next Sunny day with have in N. Cali, please know Mr. CLH will out there mowing away!

This is the closet wall, the same wall the doorway is on. Oh how we hate these doors cheapo non working doors. They will be replaced with with white paneled closet doors. I'm going to make look less builder basic, trust me!

Lastly the current light fixture, this the last of its kind in our house....lets call it the Last of the Boob Light Fixtures shall we! If your new to reading our blog, we've already replace three of the these basic light fixtures { dining room, sons bedroom & ours } Instead of tossing them we drop them at our local Habitat Restore.

This is our mini Construction / Improvement Breakdown:

Replace closet doors
Paint Ceiling & Walls & Door & Closet doors
Replace light fixture { we bought and amazing one already!! }
Beef up our baseboards { like we did in our Dining Room }
Improve closet storage
Crown Molding - on the maybe list
Can't wait to share project! { it will be a secret of a couple more weeks }

We've already been testing paint color in the bedroom. It's a toss up between two colors. Here's the sample colors on the wall. We placed the colors in two locations, so we could see the colors in various lights thoughout the day. On the left is Silver Drop by Behr the right Opal by Martha Stewart.

Silver drop is a Subtle grey shade and the Opal is a very pale blue.

Hopefully you can see this little room has potential like we can. So much to be done, oh and those closet doors they are in the trash. That already made a huge improvement, trust me. As soon as we get some of these improvements out the way, the fun will begin { decorating}

Is there a room is your house your in the process of redoing?