Light From Above

Among other diy projects this weekend, I really want to tackle a painting our hallway. Months back when I repainted our living room Woodrow Wilson Putty, I skipped painting our Hallway. Fortunately no one noticed or said anything to me! My plans on Saturday are morning is paint the Hall way and install a new light fixture hallway & hang a large to help bounce light around our dark hallway.

First up our hallway with its dated light fixture - it has hard to get a good shoot. Did you notice our ceiling looks a little green? Yup, I will be painting the ceiling a nice bright white. The ceiling is one of those left over projects we never got around to doing! It's of of the those projects that are b-o-r-i-n-g. 

I love modern elegant light fixtures, but for the hallway I wanna keep it thrifty cheap and it must be a close to the ceiling light fixture / flush mount. Also the light fixture can't be to big, because next to it is our HVAC filter vent. I started my search at Lamps Plus more for inspiration, since they don't have many budget friendly options. I quickly fell in love with this flush mount light fixture { Possini Euro Design White Flower } ! Its so pretty and unexpected in a hallway, but I wasn't loving the price tag of $ 89.00 for a hallway fixture. I quickly google coupon Lamp Plus, praying a valid 50% off coupon would pop up! Alas nope Nada, plus its too bug :( 

I decided to start my search over and look for basic ceiling mount light fixtures ( that weren't too boring) I like this Design House Millbridge light fixture simple base and clean looking light shade. Certainly not as amazing as the flower fixture from Lamps Plus, but that's OK. The price only $ 14.97 from Home Depot

I also found the Design House 8 inch light fixture a with a more modern light cover. For only $ 19.47 also from Home Depot.

I also popped over to Lowes virtually and checked out their lighting options, I came across the Portofilo light fixture which is in stock at my store! For only $ 19.97, the ones from Home Depot are available online only. 

In the end I decided to go with the Portfolio light fixture, its not was modern as the one I first fell in love with, but but the price and size are a perfect fit. Plus we've been consider adding another light in the hallway and buying another one of these will be super affordable. 

What projects to you have on your 'I'll Get to it Later' project ?