Finally A Bright Hallway

Over the weekend we tackled painting our Hallway and installing a new light fixture. As I mentioned before painting the hallway was on our ' We'll Get to it Later' Project list. I'm so glad we finally completed this project, our hallway looks bigger and brighter and now seamlessly blends into our living room. No more sudden new color once you enter the hallway like before, which is a good thing.

Here's a look at our hallway ceiling, yep the ceiling is green! To top it off we also had and outdated light fixture and that gave no light light.

Below is how our hallway looked before, very dark. At night it felt like walking though a tunnel. 

I painted the ceiling bright white using Olympic Paint Low VOC ceiling paint, and painted the wall the same color that's in our living room. I debated going with a modern yet expensive light fixture, or going with a more affordable option. In the end we went the budget option. While I was looking at paint colors at Home Depot I stopped in the lighting department a found a simple light fixture for $ 9.99! I like the price and energy star rating, plus it was ten bucks cheaper than the Lowes option I was planning on buying.

Here's the in progress view of our hallway after the the ceiling had been painting and the new light installed. Even with half of the hallway painted it looks so much bigger and brighter.

Here's a better picture of the new hallway color against the white trim.

Consider our hallway completed for now. I'm still on the hunt for a great mirror, and plan on hanging some pictures in the hallway. We also plan on replacing all our bedroom doors / bathroom door etc with new panel doors. The new doors will make our house feel so nice and freash and much more modern.

I'm glad our hallway project is almost completed, we slowly taking on those 'We'll Get to it Later' Projects. The little things all add up!

Did you tackle any projects this weekend?