Tween Bedroom Redo: Love This Fabric

I've had a thing for grey stripped fabric for quite sometime. From pillows to drapes, I can't get enough. It's one of the those timeless looks that I love any room. I wanted to add some grey stripes to my sons bedroom Super Bad. 

{ via here }

{ via Cote De Texas }

So I started hunting for grey stripped fabric, and kept coming up empty handed, until I looked on under quilting fabric. Over the recent yeas quilting fabric has become more modern, so I crossed my fingers. I found the perfect Grey Stripped Fabric from Micheal Miller called Two By Two. I thought it would be the perfect fabric for drapes in my sons bedroom. Remember his Tween Bedroom Redo, yeah i'm still slowly working on it and hope to have his room completed soon. Here's the fabric on his desk, I love thats the grey stripes are darker than his bedroom wall, I also got Tabari's approval on the fabric! 

He and I have discussed changing his bedding I originally bought months ago from JC Penny's sadly the comforter set faded (bad!) looks like we've had it for years. We'll keep it and use it for his company when he has friends over. So we made a trip to Ikea and found a potential duvet set. I liked another set better, but its his bedroom, lol. I do like how the open circles look with the stripe grey fabric. 

Originally his bedroom color scheme was grey, navy blue and red.At this point, I'm not sure how I like the limy green and red? I plan on making the drapes this weekend and going from there. 

What do you think the grey striped fabric, are you a fan of it as well? What do you think, nix the red?