Spooky Scary Halloween Planning

I've been in full Halloween Party planning mode for our sons upcoming Halloween Party. Hence, the lack of blog posts! I've already shared our Spooky Scary Entryway we decorated to welcome his guests, now I'm thinking about the menu and Spooky Scary decor for our dining room & front of our house and games. I guess this post is a mish mash of ideas.

I've gathered a slew of Halloween pictures from various sources over the last few months. I love love this spooky dining room, and would love to create a similar look in ours. I think this a perfect layout for a Halloween Party, a lot of spooky with out being to creepy to 10 year olds. 

I love this vignette, perfect ideas of our buffet in our dining room. 

Even though the table below is dressed more for Thanksgiving, The various size glasses covering the table look amazing. I've been storing our empty clear wine bottles in hopes of suing some for Halloween decor. 

I really need to find a large cloche to cover up books and trap a nasty spider! Icky 

Moving our to the outdoors, this weekend we'll be buying lots of pumpkins for the front our house and for a few on the inside. I love all the spooky crows greeting guests as they enter of home. I've stalked up on Crows like crazy this year, thanks to Dollar Tree. They are selling the same exact crows as Michaels for only a buck! Can't beat that price. 

Now that Halloween is only a few weeks away, have your started decorating? Are you planning on throwing a party this year?