Dreaming of an Organized Linen Closet

My posting might be little spotty this week as I prepare for my sons Halloween party and get our house all party cleaning did I mention i'm under the weather?  Other than planning the party, an organized linen closet has been on my mind. Our linen closet ( really linen shelves) as small. Which you think it would make it easier to keep clean. Not! I'm dreaming of talcking the super small spot soon. I love the linen closet below, small & tidy. I love how every inch of this small space is organized. 

{ via Martha Stewart }

I love the idea of adding labels on the shelves to help keep linens organized when they are put away.

{ via Martha Stewart }

I bought large wicker baskets for our linen closet a long time ago, which are perfect for storage, but lately there just junk bins. I'm going to see if I can make them work in the space, or they may end up moved into the coat closet. Hopefully I'll get started on this little project on Sunday, looking forward to an organized after. 

Is your linen closet also crying out for a organizational makeover? What do you to keep your linen closet nice & tidy?