Color Combination

Hi everyone, I was such a bad blogger last week only one post! Thankfully I'm feeling much better, my sons party was over the weekend and it turned out really well. I'll share some party decor pics on Tuesday. Lately I've been loving grey + pear green. It's such a pretty color combination { so fresh and modern }

I love love this bedroom the subtle grey walls with the pear lime green artwork, drapes and pillows is so fresh and modern. It really makes me rethink the color combination in our bedroom. Right now there color combination in there is Grey + Light/Aqua blue + White. It wouldn't take to much effort to swap out the blues and infuse a little pear into our bedroom. I'm just thinking out loud, so we'll see what happens. Click here for a reminder of how our bedroom currently looks.

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Next I love these deep grey walls that are really 'set off' by the painted white trim. I love how a deeper green is injected into the artwork and adds a modern touch. The artwork would be  a fun diy project - large canvas + scrap booking paper + silhouette 

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The last room is full on deep lime pear green with touches of grey form the light fixtures, star burst and coffee table. I love the roman shade, another great diy project. I've been thinking Diy-ing some roman shades for our bedroom, I'm so over our faux white wood blinds. They have seen better days!

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That's the color combination thats been catching my eye lately. What color combinations do you love and loathe?