Styling the Expedits

Yesterday I shared how I keep our living room organized and yet comfy at the same time. I also shared that we added an additional Expedit on the other side our TV stand. I'm so glad we added the extra bookcase. After bringing home another bookcase I had the fun job of making both of the bookcase look balanced. I didn't want them looking like twins, I wanted them looking like sisters....same features, little differences, yet you know they are related. Yeah I know it sounds a little strange, lol. Again I arranged our books by color of the spine.

Here's how our corner looked before adding the another Expedit. The corner looked nice, but the space looked a little empty. Especially considering we had and bookcase on the other side.
Now the corner looks more flushed out with a bookcase on the side flanking the TV and the chair I recently painted { for extra seating } adds a nice pop of color.
A little potted plant in a white glossy vase added a nice pop of greenery in our bookcase. I added a personal touch in the on shelf with a picture of my son and I. I put a fabric swatch laying around to good use by framing it, love how fabric can be transformed into art.

On the lower shelves, I used a blue vase and a large beige S as bookends, the shelf below candle holders are used this time as bookends. Its fun to use unexpected items as bookends.

Our 'original' Expedit went though some some subtle changes when we added a new Expedit.

On both bookcase, I decided to have a shelf where there's only decor items and a pictures. Again I framed a swatch of fabric. I found the cute glass vase for 1.99 at Thrift store, love thrifty finds.

That's how I styled our Expedit bookcases to look like sisters and NOT twins, I think they pretty and balanced.

How do you style your bookcases? Lots of books or more decor items?