Organized, Yet Lived in Living Room

I call our living room our everything room; we entertain, watch endless movies { thanks to our Roku } read and play the Wii. Our living room plays so many roles in our household because our home has no separate family room. Which is pretty common in smaller 1950's ranch homes. Since our living room plays so many roles, it has to stay organized. Everything in our living room has a place.

We recently added another Ikea Expedit to our living room, which has increased our storage and help keeps our books, DVDs, magazines and decor items organized. We have two large Ikea Kasset boxes which hold our DVDs. I recently went though all our DVDs to pair down our growing DVD collection, we have a ton to sale in an upcoming yard sale.

 I also keep a small stash of recently watched DVDs in our entertainment center in DVD boxes. For the record, Mr CLH bought the movie Reno 911! He claims it was only $5 bucks, whatever.
I have a serious magazine hording addiction { some people hoard animals, I hoard magazines } to keep my magazine love under control, I have a magazines stashed in a basket in in our book shelf, when my paperweight is popping up way too high. I go though my magazines and purge.

I also keep a few magazines in an empty plant container in our new expedit. Keeping my magazines only in the living room helps keep them from winding up all over the place. In the wicker basket we keep my sons Wii games and items organized. Again having a designated place for items helps keep our living room organized & makes cleaning up much easier.

 In the banana leaf wicker ottoman I picked up at Target a while back I stash extra decor items inside (vases, candles etc.) I also keep extra blankets inside. Easy blanket access for upcoming breezy fall nights, this also helps save space in our linen closet. I also like the the wicker ottoman adds another layer of texture in our room & provides undercover storage.

I also like the the wicker ottoman adds another layer of texture in our room & provides undercover storage.
I like how our living room has evolved over time, it feels comfortable and modern and fits our families needs perfectly. I'm so glad we added the another bookcase to our living room, big thanks to everyone for giving me their opinion about adding another bookshelf to our living room. Here are  few more pictures of our lived in living room.

View from seating on the sofa.

As I said its our everything room, nothings better than watching a movie on the sofa while your son is playing next to you.

How do you keep your living room organized & does you home have both a living room and family room? If so which one do you use most?