Looking for Art in all the Right Places

I've been on the look out for some more artwork for our living room and to fill the empty wall space in our hallways and bedrooms. If you read between the lines, my house needs more artwork. Finding the right artwork for a space and be challenging plus artwork is deeply personal. I love looking online for artwork, because you can find some many great prints at really affordable prices. I've been on the hunt for some pretty, interesting and quirky artwork. Overall,  I adore abstract artwork. I started my art search on Art.com, and love this Mark Rothko artwork. I've pretty much wanted his artwork every since I saw it in Mad Men { yep, huge fan of the show } I really would like a large Rothko in our living room. I like the two below.

I also like the artwork below from Gustav Klimt, called From Garden with Sunflowers

The artwork below is by Hyunah Kim called Serenity

I also like a lot of artwork from Rabi Khan, he creates a lot of lovely abstracts, ones about love, flowers etc. The artwork below is Peacock 2
I discovered Imagekind.com thanks to Liz from It's Great to be Home. Imagekind, sells a variety of art from well know artists to independent artists. So far we've bought two abstract artwork from them for our living room. I love how they flow so well with the space. I took a little detour while looking at Artwork for the house, and came across great Star Wars artwork for my sons room { yeah, the same tween space I have yet to 'finish' } This a cool retro looking print, the artists name is JustinVG. He has a lot of fun prints from Star Wars, if any of you out their are Star Wars fans or know one, this print could be a fun addition to a room. A small 6.5 x 10 will start at $ 17 bucks. Not bad for original artwork.

I also thought this nod to mid century chairs is really cool & fun. Every mid century imaginable is represented in this print. The artist is James Provost, a 10 x 16 print starts at just $ 16 bucks

Another great source I love searching for artwork is Esty, I love find fun word print art on there. Plus nothings better then supporting independent artists. I adore these word prints! I pretty much love anything written by Jane Austen, my two favorite books from her are Pride & Prejudice and Sense & Sensibility. I want this print somewhere in my bedroom, either on my nightstand or on the wall. Regardless, I love this. The print is by Brookish, the 5x7 print is only a mere $ 6.50

I'm loving these blog related word art prints, so much fun. I love to blog, love it! It's so great to get a sneak into peoples lives and make new friendships all from blogging. Of course I love this print from Jen Ramos via Made By A Girl an amazing blogger!

I also like this artwork about Blogging & Texting two things I love doing, both of the prints are from the same artisit ECCE Prints. I like that the prints are modern and fun.

Is your home in need of artwork too? What type or artwork are you generally drawn to? Where do you shop for art?