Craigslist Made Easy

As you probably know by now I'm a huge fan of Craigslist, I bought our dresser on there, an old coffee table, our dining room table and even our wedding photographer!! Yep I'm a huge fan, living finding unique pieces for our home, and sometimes just go on there to look, lol. What I'm not a huge fan of, is looking though every single post { after narrowing down my search } to look at every single page, to find icky items and no gems. Well, I pretty sure my Craigslist dilemma is finally over. I was recently contacted by the founder of CraigsEasy, which helps people like you & me avoid wasting precious time { looking though countless pages to locate the gems faster } he thought I would enjoy using this FREE tool to make my searches easier. I should also note this is local company based in Palo Alto...which is cool so close to our hometown of Sacramento.

They offer a free tool called a booklet from their site, Craigseasy takes all the images from the listing and places them all in one page, so you able to see all the pictures upfront and then click on the listing your interested in purchases the item.

It was so easy to add to my computer, since its only a booklet { no need to download anything } for more information on getting a booklet for your pc click { here } I did a simple search using CE - aka Craigseasy, looking for a dresser for under $75.00 in less then a few minutes, I found two dresses. The first one is for $70 the second one is only $50!!

Isn't this an amazing dresser for only $50 bucks, look at the detail. This dresser would look amazing painted a pretty shade of blue or Kelly green.

Nest I did a search for mid century under $75 bucks. I found this cute mid century modern side table for $ 55 bucks, over priced yes. Next I came across the super cute mid century modern desk, for $60 a little steep for me for such a simple desk, that I often see at Thrift stores for h much less

My final search was for coffee tables under $50 bucks, I came across two the have promise. The first one is $35 dollars and would amazing spray painted - white or black. The other coffee table I like was only $30.00 and was practically screaming out to be painted a crisp clean glossy white.

For those of you out there that are new to shopping on CL - remember to look past the ugly and so the potentail your find has.

Do you use Craigseasy, to make your Craigslist searching easier? If not add the booklet and let me know what you think.

** I was not compensated for my review on CraigsEasy, just glad to spread the word and hope you find amazing pieces for your home. Photobucket