Spooky Scary Entryway

Halloween decor & fun is in full swing at our Casa. The first Halloween project we talked so far is our entryway. Normally our entry looks bright and cheery with our wedding pics on display.

For Halloween we wanted our entryway to look more spooky and scary. So we replaced the sweet and upped the creep factor. Our inspiration for Halloween entryway makeover came from the Arachnophobia rug tiles from Flor. It's the first rug I've purchased from Flor and it won't be the last, its so simple to together. I used six tiles for the rugs and the six tiles fit the space well. I didn't even use the stickers it came with Mr. CLH and I had fun taking turns placing a bunch creepy crawlers on our walls.

Here's how our Halloween entryway looks. From the moment you enter our house, your greeted by a web of spiders on the floor oh and rats.

I bought some Martha Stewart spider and bug silhouettes on sale at Joann's. I love the size of the bugs and spiders, they look so creepy. I also mixed in a few 3D spiders to balance out the flatness of the silhouettes. The black spots on the floor are some roaches I picked at the Dollar Tree, so really and creep looking icky.

A glittered skeleton rounded out the look on the ledges. Our son was at his cousins house while we were decorating and liked how spooky scary our entryway looks. Next up we'll be adding a little spookiness to our dining room.

I love how the the spider silhouettes looks in the panel of our front door. It looks so cool from both the inside and outside.

There's are spooky scary { have you been noticing my reference to 30 Rock? } entryway. Have you started decorating for Halloween yet? If so what did you decorate?