Thrifty Loot

On Saturday my mom and I decided to do a little thrift store shopping. We only stopped in two thrift stores { Goodwill & St. Vincent }, but walked away with some thrifty loot. That's one of the biggest reason I love shopping at thrift stores, you never know what gems you might find. I found this great ceramic bird, that just needs a coat of primer and white glossy spray paint. The little bird was only 2 bucks. I also bought the little wire basket for fifty cents to go in my garages laundry area { a simple way to keep my laundry products together} 

I love this little lion I found at the register while buying my stuff, I got it for my husband for his nightstand. Not only is it cute, its a nod to his astrological sign in the not so obvious way.

I also found a wicker and glass vase, perfect for the summertime and fall decor. I also came across a little stainless steel berry colander. One of the quirkier finds of the day was the little black bull head, that I plan on leaving as is.

Out of all my thrifty loot, the biggest score of the day were the vintage looking Halloween plates that were $1.00 each. Oh and they were from Pottery Barn, and I think brand new because they still had cardboard divider between each plate. I love these plates, they are super cute.

I'm glad I found a some fun items for our house, because the last few times I've gone thrift shopping, I left empty handed. Have you been thrift shopping lately and found some great loot?