New Reflection in the Mirror

Thanks everyone! For giving me their opinion about moving our large mirror from our living room and into dining room. As I said before I was nervous is would look to big on our small wall & but up against our light switch. Thankfully, Kasey suggested I use painters tape to make off the measurement of the mirror and see if I like the size of it in the dining room. Here's a reminder how dining room looked. Here's a recap of our dining redo (click here)

That night I used my painters tape and marked off the area and lived with it for a few days. I liked that when we walked into our dining room we would see the reflection of the other side of the dining room and the space would seem much larger, however the mirror has thick heavy molding and I thought it might look odd next to our light switch. So instead of just doing a mirror swap, I also moved the buffet to the other side of the dining room and changed the way the chalk board was hanging.My dining room table got serioulsy messy as I cleaned out our buffet.

I got a little ahead of myself and forgot to take a picture of how the mirror would look on the wall. As you can see, the mirror would have looked to chunky next to our light switch and alarm keypad.

On the other side of the  wall, I used the blue painters tape to map out where the mirror would hang and then placed in on the wall. I love it! Here's the new refelction in our mirror.

Here's how the dining room looks now, when you enter our dining room from the living room.

And a wide shot of the dining room view from the ktichen.

With our large mirror placed in our dining room and the buffet moved, the dining room feels much more open and inviting. I love how the mirror helps bounce the light around in our dining room. I also prefer the buffet under the chalk board.

On a side note, used my two large candles holders as vases and placed yellow flowers in them. I love candle holders & vases that do doulbe duty. Two vases filled with flowers give our dark walnut dining room table a fresh look.

Again thanks for everyone sharing with me thier opinion. How do you think the large mirror looks now that its in our dining room?