Duvets I'm Considering

Even though I'm not nearly finished with our master bedroom makeover and currently finishing up my sons tween room bedroom, I've been thinking about a new duvet. I love the simplicity of the all white one that's currently on our bed, but I'm also in love with some new ones I recently came across. That's one reason I love duvets, you can switch back in forth between duvets, without having to store a large comforter. Which is a huge plus for my home, since its little. Here's a reminder of how of bedroom currently looks. Our Coverlet is on our bed and the duvet is folded at the end of our bed. 

Here are the duvets I'm considering for our bedroom. I think all the duvets would work well with colors we have in the bedroom, which is important. 

Duvet # 1 
The first duvet is from West Elm, ever since I got my new fall catalog from them I can't stop thinking about this bedding. I plan to stop in there over the weekend and see it person. 

Duvet # 2
I also like this more floral graphic print also from West Elm. I think this would looks really pretty in our bedroom.

Duvet # 3
The last duvet is from Crate & Barrel, I like this duvet again it has a pretty graphic floral print, however I hope the back ground is white and not cream. I'll also stop in Crate & Barrel over the weekend and check this one out. 

Out of the three duvets I'm been drooling thinking about, I really like duvet # 1 - It's simply stated and pretty and will go well with the patterns we already have in our bedroom. I'm not sure how it will look with the Euro Pillow covers I plan on sewing with the fabric below. However I can always make white or blue Euro Pillow covers instead and use this fabric for Mojo's Euro Pillow Dog bed, while his current one is in the laundry. 

Of the three duvets which one do you like? Or should I just stick with our white duvet?