The Little Things

Have you even noticed how the little things in life add up to lots of smiles. That's how I feel around our home, the little things around here make me smile. Not only do they make me smile, they little touches make me our house feel more like home. Last weekend on a quick trip to Ikea, I picked up some cute little white vases each with subtle touches.

But my favorite buy is the cute little glass vase that was less than a buck. I also love the a little Chihuahua dish I picked up at West Elm. Perfect little dish to toss 'sofa coins in' Now our side table feels more complete and no longer so plain.

I lucked out when I was at Target this week when I found some shiny mirror inspired votive candles for only 1.19 each on clearance. The deal was so good I bought all six my store carried. I love the little shine it adds to our bookshelf. I look forward to using all six together during the holidays. The other four our chilling on buffet in the dining room

My biggest smile from the little things around my house come from my night stand. On my night stand I have picture of my husband and I at a friends wedding and along with a baby picture of me. I also love the glass heart on my night stand a birthday present form my husband,  I keeep my bouqeut broch and wedding rings in it.

Of course freash flowers on my nightstand always make me smile, the bud vase was a wedding gift from a dear friends.

What small things around your house make it feel more like home and make you smile?