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Are you ready for round two Dos of great Fabric Sources! Missed my Fabric Sources Uno post, read it here I must warn you again this might end up being a long post. But first, I received an email from a lovely reader asking: 

 'Where do I shop locally for fabric besides Calico Corners?'

I also shop at Hancock Fabrics, but I rarely find fabric style I love, since I mostly love more modern fabric prints it can be hard. When I shopping there I mainly check out their huge clearance section and usually find a fun fabric or two. I also shop at Joann's, they have great coupons that I use for sewing notions. I also check out the Home Decor fabric that you have to order to see if they have fabric I found online to see a sample in person (rather than ordering a sample) sneaky I know! 

Fabric Sources part Dos all consist for great fabric resources where you can find yards and yards for fabrics under $ 10 bucks. Denver Cloth Shop is a great place to shop for affordable fabrics.

Fabric Sources

Fabric Information

Frabric Sample # 1 Suzani Arizona 9.95 is a great print that will liven up in room, drapes would be so pretty
Frabic Sample # 2 Best Friends $ 9.95 dog beds made with this fabric would be darling, with contrasting piping,
Blue Ticking Stripe $ 7.95 I love this ticking fabric, it has a great beachy vibe to it, cafe curtains would darling with this fabric

Mary Jo's Cloth Shop has got to be one of the best places around for lots of home decor fabric in a wide variety of price points. The website is set up, so you can search by fabric manufactoerer or style which saves a lot of time.

Fabric Samples
Fabric Information

Fabric Sample # 1 Cheri $ 8.98 is a pretty fun fabric, I'm thinking kids bedroom?
Fabric # 2 Misosa $ 8.98 wouldn't this fabic make pretty outdoor curtains on a porch
Fabric # 3 Lita $ 10.98 such a pretty design, I love the background color
Fabric # 4 Azure $ 8.98 a large ottoman would look amazing covered in this fabric

I'm glad you all liked the fabric tips in my first post about great fabric souces. Here are a few more fabric tips.

Fabric Tips

Swatches, Sawthces! If the fabric store your shopping at online or in store offers fabric swatches, buy them. Most in store retailers that I've come across will cut you a fabric sample for free. Getting a small sample for less then a few dollars, will end up saving you money and worries. I ordered the following fabric sawtaches to help detrimine if the colors would work well in my home and make sure I liked the quialty and texture of the fabric.

There's nothing worse than buying fabric online and when it arrives it looks awful. I've had this experience with fabric in the past when I've skipped ordering a sample. Remember samples are your friend :)
What the look of custom drapes? Add grommets to the top of your curtains. Many local fabric stores sell grommet kits, this is a simple diy project. Also great for making your own shower curtains. The grommet kit below requires no tools and will you a custom look.

Another way to create custom drapes, is to add a piece of fabric fun fabric to the bottom of stock curtains. I customized simple Ikea curtains by adding 1 1/2 of fabric to the bottom of the drapes, which added a bit whimsy to my dining room and complemented our color scheme. 

What fabric tips do you apply when shopping for fabric? Find any great deals on fabric latyl?