Fabric Sources Uno

I absolutely love fabrics, they have such an amazing impact in rooms. Here are some of my beloved fabric sources online and in store. I should warn you this might end up being a long post, but get ready for some pretty prints.  

As you know I love buying fabric from Calico Corners, I made lumbar pillows, recovered a bench and more with their fabric. I also love that they ship all their fabric for free and and also sell and small quality of fabric in store.
Fabric Samples
Fabric Information: 

Fabric Sample #1 -  Flower Fieldavailable in the three colors 
Fabric Sample # 2 - Khandar Jewel, they have a great section of Ikat, think heaboards
Fabric Sample # 3 -  Suzanni Aqua, so pretty for pillows or an ottoman
Fabric Sample # 4 - Neri Cream Faux Bois at its best great fabric for furniture, cushions etc. 

My next fabric spot I love checking out almost daily is Fabric.com, they have a great selection of affordable fabric from modern to traditional. I've mentioned them before and many of you are fans of them.

Fabric Samples 
Fabric Information

Fabric Sample # 1 Emily Garden,drapes would be lovely made with this fabric. 
Fabric Sample # 2 Ellis Turquoise, I adore this pretty so pretty! 
Fabric Sample # 3 Chipper Slub, you know I love yellow. I would love pillows with this print for my home 
Fabric Sample # 4 Summerlin Geranium, such a pretty fabric for ottomans  

Next I love looking for fabrics at BuyFabrics.com again the have an amazing selection of fabrics from Duralee to Robert Allen in prints you might not find elsewhere and if you do they may be less expensive on this site. 
Fabric Samples 
Fabric Information

Fabric Sample # 1 - Thomas Paul Print Wouldn't this fabric add a bit of whimsy to any room?
Fabric Sample # 2 - Speling Iris, this is such a pretty print, I've seen it in various shades
Fabric Sample # 3 Fran Indigo, super steal alert, only $7.00 a yard
Fabric Sample # 4 New Leaf Meadow, this fabric would be lovely for drapes its only $5.00 a yard!

Looking for a modern fabric fix? Head no further than TonicLiving.com they also sell custom pillows and drapes. 
Fabric Samples
Fabric Information

Fabric Source # 1 - Flat Iron Black Need some chevron in your life
Fabric Source # 2 - Garden Trellis Taupe, I'm not sure if I'll ever tire of this print only $ 8.95 per yard.

I recently discovered a few months back thanks this fabric store thanks to 6th Street Design School the sell thier fabrics both online and locally in Atlanta, GA. High Heeled Foot in the Door, recently posted about them on her blog and gave us a peek inside their store. For all you Altantans, please visit their store and check out their lovely fabrics in person. 
Fabric Samples

Silly me got tired last night putting all these pretty samples together from their store (hence they are unnumbered) It was so hard to choose just four fabrics so showcase! I would love to sew some large pillows for a settee with the bird cage print or sew some drapes for French doors! Maybe one day.Just check out their site to view more fabrics. 

Fabric Tips

Material type: Always read the information about the fabric: Is it light weight? Good for drapes and pillows? Or better suited for a craft project? or upholstery? 

Prices: To find the best price on fabric, always try and find out who the manufacturer of the fabric is. For instance, is the Fabric made by Waverly or Duralee. That way you can Google the name of the manufacturer along with the fabric name and hopefully find the lowest price. I recently scored Thomas Paul fabric for $ 10.00 for 3/4 or a yard at Calico Corners, I saw the same fabric online for $ 50.00 per yard. 

I'll be writing another post regarding 'Fabric Sources Dos' soon. Where are your go to fabric shopping sources? Scored any pretty prints recently? I'd love to hear!