Sons Tween Room: Light the Room in Style

I couldn't wait to replace the boring lights our son's room. He had a very basic light fixture in his room that gave off adequate light, but it's boring. It was the same light fixture we had in our dining room, and master bedroom before we updated them. My son and I start looking for lights for his bedroom a few weeks back, starting our 'looking trip' at Ikea. I like that Ikea has a great light options that are affordable and great value. I really liked the Borja pendant lamp, I liked the look of the basket weave, but $59.99 was a bit more than I wanted to spend. 

He like the Fado pendant light. I thought it was cool too and like the price of $ 29.99, however I worried it might be too small for his bedroom. We decided while he was at his grandpa's that I would continue the search for a light fixture and gather more ideas, if I found nothing he liked I would buy the Fado pendant from Ikea.

As luck would have it while shopping for a Carpenters Clamp at Lowes for his bedroom, I spotted a the perfect light fixutre for his bedroom. It was a large drum shade { you know I love drum shades! } pendant light fixture. Now I've seen a few of these at Lowes before, but at 
$79.99 they weren't in the budget - so I kept it moving! However this one was on clearance and I loved the look of the shade. The shade resembles dark walnut wood grain. Very cool vibe. It was on clearance for $ 53.98, I just couldn't pass it up knowing it will grow with him & with all the DIY projects were doing for his room, it will be the splurge item. I pulled out my Blackberry and Googled the style pendant drum shade, and found out I was getting a steal, compared to a similar version at Bellacor for $ 268.28! 

I've been crossing my fingers for a few days hoping my son would like it when he got back from his grandpa's. Sigh of relief he thought the light fixture was cool and likes the inside detail of the pendant shade the best.

Here's my sons old light fixture, basic and boring. I now how three of these light fixtures to drop off at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. Remember to take your no longer needed home goods to their restore { light fixtures, bath vanities, doors and more } they resale the items and then the proceeds help fund construction on Habitat homes. It's also a great place to shop for bargains. 

Here's his new light fixture in his bedroom. We choose to use the shortest portion on the down rod for his bedroom, so the drum shade still has impact while being kid friendly. I love when the lights on, came with a large bulb that doesn't hurt your eyes if your directly under it. It's the city scrape perfect. 

The dark wood grain is so pretty and unexpected.

Here's the light when its off. I took the picture in the evening, so it looks a darker then what it actually is. 

Months and months ago while shopping at Kohls I came across this cute table lamp on clearance for $ 3.99. I love the fabric on the lampshade and the colors work perfectly with his bedroom. Sadly the little bench the lamp is current;y sitting on will be stored in the garage, since he's out grown. 

I'm glad I continued my light fixture search. What do you think of his new drum shade for his bedroom?

ps: Here's a recap of completed projects for our sons bedroom: Painted the Bedroom (here) Tools Used in Decor (here