Cheap Buy

Last night while I was at Michaels getting a a custom matte cut for my sons artwork for his bedroom re-do I spotted a super cheap buy. Which is always a good thing, and so good I wanted to share with all of you. They were selling 14 sponge bushes for a buck! That's right one dollar. I bought two bundles which should last me quite a while. 

Instead of having a bunch of roses in my window sill, I have a bouquet for sponge brushes. Oh the joy of home  improvements! I think I have plenty of brushes for upcoming projects. 

I love using sponge brushes for painting projects. I love that they are cheap and can be tossed, which means less clean up. My son also likes uses sponge brushes for his artwork. Most recently I used sponge brushes to apply primer on my yellow tray in our living room, and bench and dresser for our master bedroom. 

Do you love using sponge brushes like I do? What's the last item you painted with a sponge brush?