Sons Tween Room: 3rd Times the Charm

You know the old saying third times the charm, I think this applies to finding the perfect desk for my sons room. Yep over the past year I've bought him three desks. I'm not to embarrassed to admit, two didn't work out as planned. The story of buying the perfect desk for my son actually began over a year ago. A few months after we bought our house I began stalking looking on Craigslist for a little desk. I found a simple small desk for $ 10 bucks on Craigslist that needed some love. I planned to paint the desk red and update the hardware. Well the desk sat in the garage and has been there every since. I planned on taking a pic of the desk, but there's hardly any light in my garage. 

Fast forward three weeks ago, I found a perfectly good desk on Craigslist { again } that needed updating, a big plus was the desk came with nice simple wood chair. But after bringing it home and paying $ 30.00 I realized its not the one. I know your probably thinking I'm a little crazy, but it means so much to me to be able to work on a space for our son that reflects his personalty. I thought about re-listing  the item on Craigslist or selling it in our yard sale, but thought my sister would want it for my nephews bedroom. My nephew and sister loved the desk, as is. I'm am doing one little update on the desk, spraying the handles ( that are faded gold ) a black matte color. Once its made its way over to my sister's house, I snap a picture of it on my nephew rooms with its mini makeover. 

I found the 'third times the charm desk' while doing a little thrifting over the weekend. I found a neglected desk sitting in the corner all by itself, it was only $ 15.00. I looked it over and over, checked out the drawers and liked the style of the desk. It's a little larger than his second desk. I plan to update the hardware { yup, one pull is missing & one is hanging by only one screw } and remove that funky box the previous owner attached the the bottom of the desk. As well as fix the 'empty' space where the drawers are. 

The top of the desk is pretty beat up, nothing some Kilz Stain Block Oil Primer can't fix. I'm looking forward to getting this project done. I got some recent inspiration from Tabari's new light fixture in his room, I want the desk to be a mix of modern and classic { same as his room}. If all goes well, meaning I don't have to deal with 100 + degree weather, I'll have an after to share with you all next week and my son will have a new desk! 

Out of the two desks, which do you prefer? Has this happened to you: bought a piece of furniture and then kept right on looking just in case something better { in your eyes } came along?

ps: Here's a recap of completed projects for our sons room: Painted the Room (here) Tools Used In Decor (here) Room Lighting (here)