A Stack Here, A Stack There

If you walked into our living room, you would see stacks of books with their discarded covers on the floor. Over the weekend I spent some time in our garage, digging though containers looking for books that have been packed away since we moved to add to the books I've recently bought on the cheap.

I came across so many books I missed, including a ton of books my mom bought us. She bought us a ton of great books on gardening, home improvement, and party basics. Thanks again mom. I really glad I looked our garage, because I found a trio of books I really missed a , The Little Lady Agency books by Hester Browne. I love reading books set in England, so your looking for a summer read check this series out.

After removing the book covers on the books, I began sorting the books spine color. I ended up with a stacks of white books, blue books and black books. Out of all the stacks, I loved the colored stacks the most.

We have a good collection of hardback books and softcover books.

While I was looking for books in the garage, I came across a few few Jane Austen novels, I own - love her. I've always wanted to own a few of her books in hardback.  I decided to get to buy two of her books from Penguin Classics via the great deal from Amazon.com. I'm buying Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice for a mere $ 13.60 each. In the future I'll likely end up buying the The Odyssey, this is a classic I've yet to read and have been wanting to read it for sometime.

Next I need to decide where the books will land on the shelves and apply some styling tips I mentioned today in this post. I'm pretty sure I'm heading to a thrift store tonight, you never know what you'll find there that just needs some paint.

Don't you just love the Penguin Classics book cover designs. So timeless and elegant. What's on your summer reading list?