Feather for Our Nest

Do you remember the Doves we had nesting our front porch this Spring, thanks to them I was able to create some simple art. One afternoon my son and I where outside watering our plants on the porch when, he found a feather. I thought the feather would look really pretty framed { remember Nate framed a feather } and would be a reminder the Doves. I wanted to create a simple piece of artwork for very little money. I stopping in Micheal's and found a clearance frame for $ 1.99 and then bought a matte for $ 2.99. I sprayed painted the frame a glossy white, which is a nice complement for the clean lined frame.

For the background paper, I used leftover white linen paper from our wedding. When I placed the feather on the linen paper, it was just too much white. I decided to paint the linen paper a grey white from a left over sample paint we have.

I used a sponge brush to paint the paper. I love using sponge brushes for simple projects, they are super cheap and can be thrown away. I like the no clean up factor.

I wanted the paper to look more like fabric, so I gently applied one coat of paint horizontally and the next coat vertically. I didn't apply a perfect coat, so the background will look more textured.

Fifteen minutes later the paper was dried and the feather was ready to be assembled. The result a nice natural art piece for our home, that will remind me of the doves. I like that the art makes me smile. Next time you spot a feather think of its artful qualities.

Art Cost Breakdown:

$ 1.99 for frame
$ 2.99 for Matte
n/a - feather, spray paint, sample paint { hand on had }

$ 4.99

Eventually the feather will be hung on our yet to be completed art wall in the living room. Have you framed in natural elements for art in your home?