New Addition

A few weeks back I mentioned wanting to add a bookshelf in out living room. On one side of our TV stand and adding a photo wall to the other other side to create more storage and visual interest on the blank wall. On Thursday night we stopped in Ikea to check out the Expedit bookshelves in person and decide if it would work. We both liked the clean lines of the bookshelf and thought it would be the perfect edition to our living room.

It's always fun take my car on our Ikea trips, luckily folding down the seats made for easy loading and storing our new bookcase. I haven't bought many big items from Ikea to to put together and think this was pretty easy to build.

Here's are our bookcase in our living room. View from the dinning room / kitchen entry. I like how the white bookshelf looks with our darker furniture.

The bookcase fits so well in this corner our of living room

We opted to used large Kassett storage bins to organize and hide our DVDs we watch. The storage bins were a great buy, 2 for $ 11.99!

Next I went though a few hard back books, I recently purchased to begin styling our bookcase.

I removed the covers all the covers on the books, books look so much better without the covers on, when they are on bookshelves.

Instead of discarding the book cover jackets, I place them in a storage container. Just in case we donate the books in the future, they will have their book jacket on them once again.

Next up, filling the bookshelf up. It will take me a while to style and most importantly fill the bookshelves with books with love to read. I'll keep you all updated on my progress.

Thrifty Tip:
To fill your bookcase with interesting books, shop in thrift stores & used book stores and check out their books. Most thrift stores have a huge selection of hardback books in great shape and carry many topics of books. You can buy vintage books there on fashion, design or great old reads like Jane Austin (my personal fave)

I popped into the Goodwill yesterday and bought six hardback books for $ 5.00 - thanks to a half off sale.