Dove Additions

Earlier today I shared our new addition to our living room, now I wanted to share our new dove additions! Here's the 'back story' for my lovely new readers! We had a dove nesting in our hanging flower pot for quite sometime, there was even an egg inside. One day out the door in early May we saw the baby birdie, mom and dad all in our hanging pot, I was a able to snap a quick photo with my camera phone. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the baby dove.

A couple of days later, later the doves few away. I was so sad and felt used - lol! Then a towards the second week of May a new dove appeared and began nesting in the same spot. We waited patiently and to our surprise the dove had two baby doves! Here's a few pictures I was able to capture.

Hopefully, you can see the two little baby dove heads tucked gently under their mom.

And thats our little dove nesting update.